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RTU Kipsalas swimming pool gift card 10 Eur

RTU Ķīpsalas swimming pool
RTU Ķīpsalas swimming pool
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RTU Ķīpsala Swimming Pool is a great place for lovers of active leisure. The pool's water-relaxing capacity will increase your health and vitality. You have the opportunity to visit the pool at any time - after a tense day, or starting it with a refreshing bath. Even if you are not a swimmer, you can enjoy all the pleasures of water with water aerobics. If, however, water is not yours, you can visit our gym, challenge yourself in aerobics (Zumba, Yoga, Total Body Workout) exercises, or feel the true adrenaline in the rock climbing. Apply for your gift card and get training!

Important details

Receive the gift card in the Kipsalas swimming pool information center, when presenting the ID.

The gift card is ready in 3 working days after the order is made.

Gift card is valid till 31.05.2019. During summer period the swimming pool is closed.

Adress: Ķīpslas 5, Riga
Mail: office@baseins.lv
Site: www.baseins.rtu.lv
Phone: 67616989

Working hours: Monday- Friday 06:45 - 22:30, Saturday/Sunday 07:45 - 21:45