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Restaurant FERMA gift card 50 EUR

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Reward description

In restaurant FERMA they believe in Latvian regional product amazing taste and potential. In result, the food embodies the strength of Latvian land, craftsmanship of human hands and the heartwarming memories that unite us all. In summer, the terrace provides opportunity to enjoy dishes cooked in a real smokehouse, which fuels your appetite, creating a true sense of countryside enjoyment in the heart of the city. The artwork of FERMA Restaurant is an example of true author design. The synthesis of thoughtful practical and aesthetic solutions is subordinated to one purpose - to enhance and prolong the enjoyment of the restaurant experience. It is also possible to book special seats next to the chef and learn all the secrets of modern gastronomy, the nuances of restaurant etiquette and the answers to other questions of interest.

Important details

The gift card will be sent to you by email within one business day. For your convenience, it is recommended to print the gift card.

Reservations in advance are required by phone 22009000 or email info@fermarestorans.lv.

Address: Valkas Street 7, Riga.