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Mobilly Account Top-Up, €10

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Mobilly Account Top-Up €10

Mobilly is a mobile payment system in Latvia that allows you to use your mobile phone to make everyday purchases. To register with Mobilly all you need is a mobile phone! To top up the account we will just need the mobile phone number (only Latvian numbers). As soon as we will get a request from you, we will top up the account on our side for the indicated phone number.

No need to worry about coins or queues and you will be able to make payments with Mobilly application or just by sending a simple text message. Please visit www.mobilly.lv for more details.

Use Mobilly to:

  • Top-up the prepaid card
  • Pay for parking
  • Buy train and bus tickes
  • Pay fee for entry in Jūrmala
  • Pay for the taxi ride

IMPORTANT: The mobile number provided during the checkout will be topped up. Please change it in case you want to top up another mobile number.

Important details

Please note:
If you already are a Mobilly client, then your account will be topped up and you will receive a confirmation text message as soon as it will be done. If, however, you have not used Mobilly before then we will call you to confirm the opening of an account and also introduce you to Mobilly and your possibilities.

Phone for information 1859.