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Here are 30 restaurant offers to suit every taste. Surrender to the true gourmet temptations and enjoy French cuisine under the stars or enjoy the best hookah in Latvia and chocolate fondue. Visit exciting tastings and cooking workshops along with your loved one or in the company of your friends, or enjoy Latvian cuisine and meals from the national cuisine of different countries in Latvian restaurants.


  • Attend the restaurant “IL Patio”
  • Dinner at a Latvian traditional food restaurant
  • Dinner at the fish and game restaurant “Taverna”
  • Degustation of Latvian beer and snacks with a legend
  • Chocolate fondue: enjoy the chocolate!
  • A workshop of good taste: learn how to cook!
  • Dinner at the restaurant “Zila Govs”
  • Dinner at the restaurant “4 Rooms”
  • Visit the restaurant “PLANETA”
  • Visit the restaurant “Planeta Suši”.
  • Fancy dinner at the restaurant “Colombo”
  • Dinner at the “Zilonis”
  • Gourmand tour to Lithuania
  • Gourmand tour to Estonia
  • Dinner in Thailand
  • Dinner with a view of the Daugava river at the restaurant “Laivu Centrs”
  • Visit the restaurant “SEOUL CITY”
  • Sushi meal for two
  • Dinner at the restaurant “Zvejnieku Dēls”
  • Visit the restaurant T .G .I .Fridays
  • Dinner at the restaurant “Naples”
  • Gourmand meal at the restaurant “De Commerce Gastro Pub 1871”
  • Enjoy a cup of tea


  • Delicious dinner in Jūrmala at the restaurant “Pegasa Pils”
  • Fancy meals at the European cuisine restaurant “Lielupe”


  • Dinner at the music café “Jelgavas krekli”


  • Dinner at the restaurant “4 KRASTI”


  • Romantic dinner at the restaurant “Piano”


  • Dinner at the restaurant “4 pēdas”


  • Go on an excursion to “Saldumu Darbnīca”


  • Attend a concert and have a meal at the restaurant


  • Romantic dinner on the lake shore


  • Rye bread in your armpit.

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