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This donation will help to save life or health of a child and it will be the largest possible support for a family which undergoes the most difficult challenge – a disease of their child. A photo story is produced about each child and family, and the homepage is updated on regular basis in terms of the amount of received donations and the use of these funds for supporting each child/young person, thereby, ensuring complete transparency of donations.

The organization develops a long-term contact with families which are seeking for help, taking into consideration that solving of health problems frequently requires several months or even years (rehabilitation, medicines etc., which are not covered by state funds). Each involved family receives consultations on opportunities concerning particular specialists and rehabilitation measures.

A donation will be forwarded to a child/young person whose health problems shall be addressed most urgently.

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Charity organization “Palīdzēsim.lv”

“Palīdzēsim.lv” is a non-governmental charity organization, the aim of which is to help children living in Latvia, who have been affected by health problems or other problems important for social life.

For ensuring support the organization cooperates with 20 non-governmental organizations, social services and educational institutions all around Latvia. Different types of support are provided in average to 400 children annually, and also settlement of payments for medical services, rehabilitation measures and medicines is ensured in average to 117 Latvian children and young people whose lives, health and future are saved by the support of “Palīdzēsim.lv” donors. 

There are 4 main directors of the organization's activities:

1) organization of social integration measures;
2) support in dealing with health problems;
3) provision of primary assistance (food, household goods, furniture, etc.);
4) provision of consultations (social help, accessibility of medical services, involvement of mentors etc.).

In order to create a link between support providers and those who are in need of such support, photo stories about the families and children who receive support are posted on the homepage www.palidzesim.lv; thereby, donors can follow, how their donations are used. Photos are made by more than 40 well known Latvian photo artists, who are working as volunteers.