Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Q1: How does online reward ordering work?
A1: As you browse through the PINS Online Rewards shop (“PINS Rewards Shop”), you can view your preferred rewards with or without the intention of buying them.

Rewards displayed on PINS Rewards Shop depend on the delivery destination selected. For visitors, the default delivery destination is Latvia/Finland; please login to see rewards offered in your delivery country.

After you are logged in, choose the reward you would like to buy and add it to the “Basket”.

If you have not decided yet or would like to collect more, simply add reward to the “Wish list” to return to it later.

After you have added your rewards to the “Basket”, click on the “Checkout” button to adjust quantities, to select your preferred PINS and money combination or to delete unwanted rewards. After finalizing the payment details, click the “Buy now” button to submit your order.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail shortly.

It is important to check that your personal information and delivery address is correct and complete. Otherwise, your item can be delivered to a different location or not delivered at all.

Q2: Why can the PINS or retail price of a particular reward vary?
A2: Retail and PINS prices for rewards offered on the PINS Rewards Shop may vary according to the merchant location and selected delivery destination.

Q3: What if I forgot my user name/password?
A3: If you have already registered with the PINS and do not remember your password, you can have your password sent to you. In order to request password recovery, select the link 'Forgot Password' in the login pop-up window. Just type your email address provided at the time of registration – and request password recovery. We will send instructions on how to change the password to your email address.

If you have forgotten email address you have registered with, please contact PINS Member Service here.

Q4: Can I gift rewards to third parties who are not PINSmembers?
A4: Yes, gifts to non-members are permitted as the desired shipping and delivery address can be different from the address registered with your PINS account.
All rewards you have purchased can be transferred to third party, including digital rewards, unless stated otherwise in “Important details” section of particular reward.

Payment policy

Q1: Is it safe to use my credit card online?
A1: On PINS Rewards Shop you can pay with VISA, MasterCard and Amex. We use 3-D Secure Services (i.e. Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode) processed by Global Payment provider FirstData Corporation payment gateway.

Q2: In what currencies can I pay for my rewards?
A2: PINS Rewards Shop transactions are processed exclusively in EUR (Euros). If the payment is executed in other currency member will born the costs of the currency exchange rate as set by cardholders issuing bank.

Q3: What if I did not receive the Confirmation Message?
A3: Please check your mailbox thoroughly. There is a possibility that the message is in your spam folder. In rare cases you might also experience a minor delay between ordering an item and the confirmation message sending. If you still do not see the message, contact us. You can always see your purchase status in My Orders section online.

Q4: I do not have enough PINS for a Reward but I still want to buy it.
A4: You can get reward starting from 100 PINS! In PINS Rewards Shop it is possible to buy Rewards with a combination of PINS and money (minimum payment of 100 PINS is mandatory), except for items marked as “PINS only”.

Shipping and Delivery

Q1: How will I receive Digital Rewards?
A1: When buying Digital Rewards (such as e-Vouchers, Gift Cards, etc.), digital item will be delivered to your email address and could be also accessed online via My Orders section. Right after the purchase you will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions how to use / redeem your purchase.

Q2: What is the cost of the shipping?
A2: You can choose between Standard and other shipping methods. Standard shipping is default shipping method, which is included in the price of an item. If you want item to be shipped with another method, please choose from other delivery options. For some products, only one shipping method might be available.

Q3: What is the shipping policy for my order and how long does it take to ship my item?
A3: Due to the variety of rewards, the delivery time, shipping policy and terms may differ from reward to reward and depending on the chosen delivery type. Please check the specific policies under “Important details” for each specific reward or contact us.

Q4: What if I typed my personal information or/and delivery address incorrectly?
A4: In case you filled incorrectly your personal information or/and delivery address, contact PINS Member service as soon as possible, so that we can make sure your purchase is delivered to the correct address and with no delays. .

Q5: How can I track the status of my item?
A5: You can get information about your item under “My Orders” [We will send you notification once your item is shipped, but you can always check item status under the section My Orders.]
After your item is shipped, you can track item in case Merchant has provided Tracking Number. The availability of the Tracking Number depends on the delivery type you have chosen and the courier Merchant is using. If it is available, the tracking number will be mentioned in the Shipping Confirmation email.

Q6: I have not received the Reward(s), what shall I do?
A6: Late deliveries are not common; however, there is a possibility that there is a delay in shipment. For any issues related with shipping, please contact PINS Member service here.

Q7: I have selected different items for one purchase, what will be delivery time and shipping type?

A8: If you have selected different items (from different merchants), order confirmation will be sent by every merchant separately so that you can follow-up every item you have purchased.

Returns and Refunds

Q1: Can I cancel or return a reward order?
A1: In general, reward orders cannot be cancelled after being submitted; however, please note that return policies may vary across reward merchants and that additional, reward-specific terms & conditions may apply. In case of questions, please contact PINS Member Service here or through “My orders” Ask Question/Report Problem option

Digital rewards cannot be returned or exchanged for cash.

Q2: What to do if my item is broken?
A2: Please note, Return and refund policy might differ from item to item, so we advise to review “Important details” applicable for item you have purchased. In case your item is damaged or broken and you need support with return or refund, please contact PINS Member service. We will compensate postal expenses with bonus PINS in case if merchant will confirm this.

Other Questions

Q1: What are the Terms and Conditions?
A1: You will find full and up to date version of PINS Rewards Shop Terms and Conditions here.

Q2: What can I do if I have not found an answer to my question in this FAQ?
A2: In case you could not find an answer to a question related to the products or orders you made, please, go to “My Orders” to find the contact details of your merchant.
If you have questions related to your account or a question about the PINS Rewards Shop in general, please contact us.