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Tour for two in “Aldaris” beer museum in Riga

Price:3 000
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Reward description

In your visit to Aldaris beer museum & Aldaris beer brewery exposition you’ll have a chance to see history evidence, ancient beer bottles and their labels, goblets and glasses of beer.

You’ll have a unique chance to peek at authentic beer brewing hall and see what’s beer made of, world’s most popular periodic table of beer. At the end very visitor gets a glass of nice, cold beer which you can drink either in their bar or terrace!

Important details

Supplier: Aldara Alus darbnīca

Address: Tvaika street 44, Riga

Other info: offer includes excursion for two, glass of beer for each. Before using the gift, please make a reservation.

Offer can be used only if you are 18+ years old. 

After purchase in PINS rewards shop you will receive voucher at your given email address. Your voucher will be sent to you within 1 working day. Before usage please print your voucher and make a reservation. All needed contact information is shown on your voucher.