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Tandem paragliding with an instructor (1 pers.)

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Reward description

Club “Adrenalīns” invites you to experience new, colorful emotions and enjoy exciting entertainment!

Paragliding, which takes place at the height of 450 m, is a unique and breath-taking adventure, which is worth trying at least once in a lifetime. You will be taken care of by a knowledgeable and experienced instructor – both on the ground and during the flight. If you would like to experience additional extreme sensations, you can ask the pilot to perform some acrobatic stunts during the flight.

Active season: March-October; flights in winter are rare. Flights take place on weekday evenings and holiday afternoons. You can also take a camera with you. Paraglider is hooked to the winch string, and a car, which is equipped with a special winch, pulls the tandem to a height of 450 m. Afterwards, free falling takes place.

You will be able to choose on the spot – to have an extreme or a peaceful flight. When performing acrobatic aerial stunts, the time of the flight is shorter than the peaceful flight – 6-8 min. (extreme flight), 8-12 min. (peaceful flight), 10-20 min. (peaceful flight in warm weather).

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