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RAIBUM is a brand of customized suitcases and travel accessories. In the days past, suitcases were alike and unattractive; therefore, there often were situations when every third person on the same travel had the same, identical suitcase. RAIBUM decided to change that! It all came from a desire to empower those travelling to find their own style and to make their travels more colorful. This is how the idea of RAIBUM was born making one to be brave enough to stand out!

We offer travel suitcases in three sizes. The back side and elements may be chosen from any of six available colors, but the front side can be designed according to your own wishes. To do this, you have to upload an image you wish to see on your suitcase onto the webpage raibum.lv, but you can always also pick any of the available designs. Your order will be ready within 3-5 business days, and we guarantee deliveries throughout Europe.

More information at raibum.lv.

Important details

• Electronic gift card has a unique code which must be used within 6 months after the receipt.
• You can visit website raibum.lv to create a travel suitcase you have always dreamed of! Before placing the order, get into touch with RAIBUM (write an e-mail with your unique gift card code to info@raibum.lv or call phone number +371 26546944) in order to use the gift card for your order.
• The gift card code is eligible for paying for the invoice at raibum.lv either partially or fully. If the price exceeds the value of your gift card, you can always pay the remaining sum.
• The gift card must be used for a single purchase.