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Pulsometrs.lv - sport and active lifestyle gear gift card 50 EUR

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Pulsometrs.lv offers various technologies for sport and health enthusiasts. The store staff themselves are jogging and sports enthusiasts so they can recommend the best for their customers. Goods offered by Pulsometrs.lv store will be appreciated by anyone who loves movement. The Pulsometrs.lv team runs hundreds of kilometers, cycles, swims, and does other things to understand and get to know the sports accessories and devices on the market. They go to competitions and do sports themselves to understand the needs of their clients and to recommend the best gear tested by themselves. Thanks to this approach, Pulsometrs.lv allows you to buy really high quality and proven values at democratic prices, as well as to find answers to all your questions. This is the best store for a sports and technology enthusiast!

Important details

The gift card will be sent to you by email within one business day.

The gift card can be used for purchasing any goods offered by the store either online at www.pulsometrs.lv or in person at the shop, located in Riga, Cesu street 31 k2.