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Combining the knowledge of Latvia’s doctors with the most recent diagnostics and other medical technologies, Medical company ARS provides the highest quality medical services:
• doctor’s consultations (therapist, gynaecologist, urologist, allergist, algologist, anaesthetist, occupational physician, eye care professionals, vascular surgeon, paediatric cardiologist, neurologist, paediatric ENT, dermatologist, dietician, endocrinologist, specialist in physical medicine therapy, physiotherapist, phlebologist (veins), gastroenterologist, homeopath, cardiologist, surgeon, ENT, speech therapist, mammologist, manual therapist, micro speech therapist, spine surgeon, nephrologist (kidneys), neurologist, neurosurgeon, vertebrologist, oncologist, osteoporosis specialist, paediatrician, pneumonologist (lungs), proctologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, rheumatologist, reconstructive surgeon, traumatologist-orthopaedist, nutrition specialist);
• diagnostics (MRI, computer tomography, ultrasonography, mammography , x-ray diagnostics et al.);
• surgeries at the Medical company ARS Day time stationary;
• dentistry (diagnostics, dental hygiene, dental filling, implantation, prosthetics, laser therapy, whitening et al.);
• doctor-specialist house calls;
• physiotherapy (curative exercises and gymnastics);
• massage (therapeutic, underwater massage, Charcot shower);
• curative foot care;
• check-ups, to quickly and expertly evaluate the health condition to promptly avoid possible risk of developing illnesses;
• stroke prevention - head and neck Doppler along with interpretation of the findings and neurologists recommendations for stroke prevention.

Important details

An appointment for a consultation must be made in advance, by calling:

Medicīnas sabiedrība ARS, Skolas iela 5, Rīga - Tel. 67 201 007;
ARS Diagnostic clinic, J.Asara iela 3 - Tel. 66 929 750;
Medicīnas sabiedrība ARS subsidiary R.Blaumaņa iela 11/13 - Tel. 67 699 369.