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iperEspresso capsules (21 per can)

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As a market leader in coffee products and expert on their complexity, illy knows that espresso is a pleasure enjoyed by many more than just talented and experienced baristas. The best proof of this is iperEspresso — the exclusive and innovative illy capsule system which brought authentic espresso into our homes. Within 30 seconds of a single touch of a button you will be able to enjoy true pleasure in a coffee cup — a velvety, aromatic, rich and balanced espresso with a silky and firm crema. The results that we expect from experienced baristas in the very best cafés are now available to anyone.
iperEspresso ensures all the most essential factors: a precisely set temperature, pressure and extraction time. The magic of it hides in the revolutionary two-phase extraction process “hyperinfuse”. It contains the optimal dose of the legendary illy 9 Arabica mix.
The new technology prepares a real authentic espresso — one excellent cup after another. Become an outstanding barista in your own kitchen!

Medium roast, 21 capsules
Caffeine content less than 1.5%
The essential balance between strong and light with different notes of aromas such as chocolate, toast, caramel and a light floral scent.

Dark roast, 21 capsules
Caffeine content less than 1.5%
Bright, rich and energetic in nature. This coffee is distinguished by the various nuances of flavor with a strong aroma of chocolate in combination with toast and caramel.

Decaffeinated, 21 capsules
Caffeine content less than 0.05%
The characteristic illy taste and aroma of the medium roast coffee with a reduced caffeine content.

Medium roast black coffee, 21 capsules
Caffeine content less than 1.5%
Long, black coffee with all the features of the medium roast coffee in special capsules that make a larger volume espresso without losing the coffee’s full-bodied flavor and crema.

Monoarabica Brazil, 21 capsules
Caffeine content less than 1.5%
Intense flavor with notes of chocolate.
Brazil is the world’s leading manufacturer of Arabica coffee which is mostly grown in the south-eastern highlands where the constantly interchanging dry and rainy seasons make for the perfect climate. The coffee has an intense and embracing aroma, and its velvety full-bodied flavor brings a truly enjoyable coffee experience. Its sweetness and the various notes of chocolate are enriched with notes of toast and caramel.

Monoarabica Guatemala, 21 capsules
Caffeine content less than 1.5%

Complex flavor with notes of chocolate, caramel and honey.
In Guatemala the coffee is grown in untouched mountainous areas where the agriculture industry strives towards biological diversity and works to preserve the richness of the soil. The cold air in the highlands is mitigated by the warm winds from Mexico, and coffee trees can be grown even up to 2000 m above sea level. This coffee has an intense scent and sweetness in combination with a rich variety of aromas including chocolate, caramel, citrus fruit and honey.

Monoarabica Ethiopia, 21 capsules
Caffeine content less than 1.5%

Delicate aroma with notes of jasmine.
Ethiopian forests are considered to be the region where coffee originated, and here coffee trees still grow in the wilderness, shaded by the rest of the vegetation. The coffee beans are hand-picked both in plantations and local gardens in yards where coffee trees grow side by side with other cultivated plants. An exclusive coffee with a mild, delicate and unique aroma with notes of jasmine flowers and a touch of citrus fruit.

Monoarabica Costa Rica, 21 capsules
Caffeine content less than 1.5%

Lasting flavor with notes of chocolate and fruit.
In Costa Rica the coffee growing industry is known for its focus on sustainable development. Thoughtful use of water resources helps to preserve the relief and protect the significant biological diversity. The perfect combination of sour, sweet, full-bodied and bitter. The unique notes of chocolate and caramel are enriched with delicate touches of toast, orange, honey and vanilla.

Monoarabica Columbia, 21 capsules
Caffeine content less than 1.5%

Bold aroma with notes of caramel and dried fruit.
In Columbia, the Andes mountain range is split into three sections which create the perfect conditions for growing high-quality coffee. The combination of the different soils, heights and climates makes for a unique region where coffee can be harvested twice a year. This coffee has a bold aroma: the medium full-bodied texture highlights the perfect balance between sweet, bitter and sour, including the surprising notes of caramel and nuts with slight touches of chocolate and toast.

Monoarabica India, 21 capsules
Caffeine content less than 1.5%

Rich aroma with notes of cacao and toast.
In India coffee grows in shaded, densely vegetated areas alongside pepper, vanilla, cardamom and citrus fruit. In the long term this rich diversity protects the environment and ensures the prosperity of the local coffee growing communes. 
Coffee with a distinctive aroma and strong flavor. The rich flavor is enriched with intense notes of cacao and toast, and leaves a pleasant aftertaste of chocolate with a touch of sweetness.

IDILLYUM, 21 capsules
Caffeine content less than 1%

Idillyum contains the high-quality Laurina variety of Arabica coffee that is naturally low in caffeine — it contains less than 1% caffeine which is one third less than the traditional Arabica species and less than half of the caffeine in Robusta. Laurina is a delicate plant that produces a few premium coffee beans and is grown specially for illy in El Salvador where the combination of a mild climate, shade of other plants and the fertile volcanic soil creates the perfect conditions for growing it. Idillym has a rich and distinctive aroma with notes of caramel and chocolate. Available in iperEspresso home cans of 21 capsules.

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