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Donation "Mission Possible" 500 PINS

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Mission Possible

Quality education for every child in Latvia

Donate your PINS to attract devoted teachers, who lead their students to great results.

Every child in Latvia deserves quality education. The foundation of quality education is a quality teacher, therefore, only the best university graduates and professionals, should work in the classrooms.

Every year Mission Possible attracts, selects and prepares the best university graduates and professionals in Latvia to work in schools. They use their knowledge and leadership skills, acquired during two-year training period, and, most importantly, their energy to create positive changes in classrooms, schools and across society.  

Educated and skilled people are the most valuable resource of Latvia.

Help us to achieve this goal by donating your PINS!

Taisyklės ir apribojimai

Mission Possible

Education program Mission Possible (MP) was established in 2008 to ensure access to quality education for every child in Latvia by making the necessary changes in the classroom, school and across society. MP and our supporters believe that the foundation of quality education are quality teachers, who believe that every child can succeed. Therefore, we help knowledgeable and determined graduates to become inspiring teachers and future leaders.

Within nine years, we have attracted 141 new teachers and worked with 93 schools throughout Latvia, reaching more than 22 000 children. After two years of the program, more than 70% of MP fellows continue to work in education as teachers, school principals, policy makers and social entrepreneurs.

MP is built and is being developed taking into account the experience of Teach for All. MP candidates have already obtained a Bachelor's degree with good academic results. They have shown leadership potential, ambition, excellent communication and cooperation skills and motivation for participation in the program.