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Come Along! Creative Camp 500 PINS

Nāc līdzās!
Nāc līdzās!
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Come Along! Creative Camp

Foundation Nāc līdzās! (Come Along!) will organize a summer camp for the children and youth with special needs who have performed as singers and musicians in the concerts organized by the Foundation. The intended camp will take place at Ķesterciems next to the sea on 14 to 20 August. The organizers see the event as a joint preparation for the charity concert “Come Along on Christmas!” and a health promotion opportunity for the participants in the fresh air of the seaside.

The Come Along! Camp will provide opportunities for developing the flair for music to 30 musically gifted children and young people with special needs. Together with the musicians, participating in the camp will be their guardians as some of the children and young people are blind or bound to a wheelchair and need assistance in copying with their daily needs. Experienced teachers of music will work with the participants on both individual and group basis to develop their vocal skills as well as practice choir singing, singing into a microphone and performing with an ensemble.

In addition, the camp will provide for the improvement of the participants’ health. They will have a daily opportunity to use a swimming pool (which is particularly important for the people in wheelchairs and blind youngsters) and to participate in physiotherapy sessions. The health promotion activities are an essential part of the camp as for most of the children and youngsters they are not accessible in their daily life.

There will also be an opportunity to practice photography. We will  have en plein air in nature. As a result, the participants will create their own photo exhibition.

The participants will be able to get the “decoration of the week” with a help of a henna artist who will present her art of painting the body. The creative premises will be open for painting wood, making pearl decorations and practising other creative activities. It will be possible to have an appointment with a general practitioner  to get a consultation on issues which have present a problem. The appointments will be available for both the young participants and their parents who in their daily routine often do not have time to visit a doctor.

In the conclusion of the week-long camp there will be a concert with the pieces prepared over the week.

To make the dream of the camp possible for the children and young people we would very much like to ask you to support us with a donation.


Taisyklės ir apribojimai

Foundation “Come along!” is a public benefit organization, which operates on a statutory basis.

Our goals are to protect children and young people’s specific needs in the areas of cultural education and offer diverse opportunities of cultural processes accordingly to various interests and possibilities. To support children and young people with disabilities integration into society and their parents’ understanding of the problems they face.

Our festival Come along! is an invitation for every child and young person with special needs to come together with the ones who are healthy and have their families to meet on the stage – to sing, dance, act, cite poetry together with other children and young people so that they feel equal in the society. If not in the every day’s life then at least via the creative expressions everyone can be and feel equal.

More information www.naclidzas.lv