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Heater for bottles THERMOBABY

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The ThermoBaby bottle heater will quickly heat both the milk bottle and baby food and help keep it at the right temperature.In addition, you can also thaw the baby food with this handy device. Suitable for all the most popular food bottles. 

Even though you could keep your baby's milk bottle or food store hot under hot water, in the microwave or on a hot stove, it's not sensible, time-saving or safe. ThermoBaby makes both the heating of the milk and the melting and heating of the food for you so that you can focus on your child at that time. And if the baby stops slightly longer, the device keeps the food warm for some time. 

The ThermoBaby Bottom and Baby Heating Heater is a three-in-one device with many benefits.

1.Insure the milk evenly and quickly.

2. The device has three energy-saving modes.

  • 40 ° C - suitable for heating and thawing in all types of plastic or glassware. This function is also intended to keep the milk temperature intact.
  • 70 ° C - For homogeneous and glassy foods that need to be heated quickly.   
  • 100 ° C sterilization function for sterilizing small objects. 

3. The baby bottle and baby food heater is safe - it has an automatic shut-off mode. 

4. The developer of the device is a long-established European manufacturer of medical accessories Ca-Mi, whose hit product is the KIWI inhaler - the favorite of mothers and children in Estonia. Therefore, the product has a lot of emphasis on design and ease of use!  

In spite of its efficiency, the ThemroBaby handkerchief and baby food heater are small enough - its dimensions are 16x15x14.5 cm and weighs only 0.5 kg. 

The ThermoBaby warranty period is 24 months. 
Manufacturer: Ca-Mi, Italy

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