Use SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S4 T835 64GB LTE Black instead of %oldName% as your new goal?

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S4 T835 64GB LTE Black

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For the first time, Samsung DeX is installed on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. Take advantage of your PC productivity and tablet mobility. Engage in multitasking with an HDMI adapter without a DeX station or DeX tray, and connect a keyboard, mouse, or monitor for even greater efficiency.

IT IS NOT OFF. It is in standby mode.
When new ideas come to mind, write them down before you forget them. With the Screen-Off Memo feature of the Galaxy Tab S4, you can quickly take notes, even when the screen is black with the S Pen all-in-one pen. It's a 0.7mm rubber tip for quick, accurate writing and drawing.

Air Command can translate words and phrases with the S Pen. You can even save the currency or measurement system you want, and the S Pen will automatically convert units in translation.

The Galaxy Tab S4 provides a large field of view on a compact device. The 10.5-inch screen size was achieved by reducing the bezels and dropping the logo at the top and the home screen button. And the enhanced 16:10 sAMOLED display gives you a more pleasurable experience while watching your favorite content.

Dive into the sounds
Four AKG tuned speakers deliver a more natural sound. Now you can enjoy the auto-rotate audio output created by AKG experts. And Dolby Atmos helps you utilize audio technology that delivers 3D surround sound with an extra upper dimension that brings the screen to life.

The Galaxy Tab S4 has a battery capacity of 7,300 mAh, allowing up to 16 hours of video viewing. So now you can watch your favorite shows or series. And if your battery runs out, you can fully charge it quickly in 200 minutes.

USEFUL even in standby mode
When not in use, the Galaxy Tab S4 becomes the smart home screen. You can set the Daily Board to display your favorite photos while it is in the dock. Or turn it into a handy helper to show not only the latest weather forecast, but also the current time or calendar.

Focus on what matters and let Bixby Voce do the rest. When you control your home equipment with SmartThings, Bixby can turn on the air conditioner, control your washing machine and more. Bixby Voice will be supported via MR and will be installed in a subsequent software update in 2019.

Use Live Result with Bixby Vision to search in real time. Shop for items you see in the shop window, identify landmarks and business objects right on the spot, and even translate signs and menus in a foreign language using the Bixby Vision icon in the camera viewfinder.

The Galaxy Tab S4 features iris scanning alongside face recognition technology. All it takes to unlock your device is a quick scan of your face or eyes. You can even protect your personal files and applications with top-level encryption using bioauthentication in combination with a secure folder.

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