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Quest Room “Jewelry theft”

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“My Escape” offers you dynamic, intellectual and exciting game for a team of 2-6 persons! In order to win the team must find clues; solve puzzles and use many technical devices.  This game will be suitable for all ages. Children younger than 12 years must be accompanied by their parents.


You and your friends are infamous robber gang that operates all over Europe. Recently you have received order from one of your clients to steal famous piece of art - Fabergé egg that is owned by Duchess of Marlboro and included in her private collection. Your client has provided details about the location of this masterpiece and it turns out that Fabergé egg and other treasures are located in Mr. Janson’s shop of jewelry. Will you be able to execute this heist and disappear without a trace? Or this will be the end of your career?

This offer includes 1 hour long game for 2 to 6 persons in My Escape’s quest room “Jewelry theft” ( working hours 9:30 – 22:30).

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