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Donation to grieving programm for children "Kalniem Pāri" (Over the Mountains)

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Donate your PINS to grieving program for children who lost their beloved ones. Grieving programm is leaded by SOS Children Villeges since 2015.
Since October 2017 a program for grieving children Kalniem pāri (Over the mountains) started new approach to the grieving process with group support concept.
Group support format allows the children to receive much needed support for prolonged period of time. The concept is to organise five separate support groups for children and their parents/guardians and provide individual consultations for families that have lost their loved ones less than six moths ago or to the children who show signs of complicated grief.

If necessary, one of the children groups is held in Russian. For each group there is 2 group leaders and we have supervision after each group session. Group sessions is held twice a month.

Kalniem Pāri (Over the Mountains) mission is to provide free support through support groups, education, and advocacy to children, teens, young adults, and families after the death of a mother, father, sister, or brother.