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City Balance 3 day coctail programm

City Balance
City Balance
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City Balance cocktail programs allow you to maintain the usual rhythm of the city and pamper yourself with all the necessities of everyday life, while not overloading the digestive system. Each cocktail is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fiber, and is made using as many fruits and vegetables grown in Latvia as possible.

In order to ensure diversity, other cocktail kits are offered daily, so for exact composition, please, call us at 20493555 or by making an order online: www.recure.lv

Important details

Location: Health center ReCure, Baznicas street 13, Rīga, +371 20493555
Working time:
M.-F. 9:00-21:00;
Saturday, Sunday – by prior arrangement.
Expiration date: 3 months
Other important information - after the purchase procedure can`t be reversed or canceled, as well as it can`t be exchanged for cash. Payment for ReCure services and products can be combined with cash or a payment card, as well as with a number of gift cards. If the amount of purchase is less than the value of gift card, the difference will not be refunded.