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Business Lounge access in Riga International Airport

TAV primeclass RIGA
TAV primeclass RIGA
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TAV Operation Services is offering the best place to spend your time before the departure in Riga International Airport– “primeclass” Latvia Business Lounge.   

We provide perfect conditions for productive work, small business meetings and relaxation before the flight. “primeclass” Latvia Business Lounge features 110 seats in Schengen zone of the airport, with a great view to apron. The selection of books and magazines will keep passengers entertained, a high-speed WiFi network is available throughout the business lounge. 

Lounge facilities also include shower for our guests, kids play room, conference room and also 4 private suits that are available for additional costs, if passenger wishes to relax before the flight.    

Guests can make their selection from a self-service buffet, which offers quite a range of assortment, depending on time of the day. During breakfast we offer freshly-baked breakfast croissants and pastry, porridge, meat and cheese selection, pancakes, omelets. During lunch time, we offer daily soup, vegetables, variety of hot dishes and sandwiches. Various soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are provided for everyone’s taste.

Important details

The time spent in the business class lounge during one visit is up to 3 hours.
The voucher is valid for one visitor.

For children under 7 y.o. the visit is free of charge
The voucher is valid 1 month from the purchase date.

Voucher is non-refundable and PINS will not be credited for unused voucher.