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AS VIADA Baltija is a new and emerging fuel retail chain in Latvia. AS VIADA Baltija currently services and facilitates development of 69 fuel retail locations in Latvia, including full service stations, as well as automated fueling stations. The service stations offer maximum comfort and a wide range of services to meet the customers’ needs.

In Latvia, AS VIADA Baltija represents LUKOIL brand service stations. You can find additional info and the locations of gas stations on our website: www.viada.lv.

You can spend PINS to fill up your car, car wash and other products, which are available in Lukoil gas stations.

Also, You can collect 1 PINS for each liter of gas at LUKOIL gas stations in Latvia.

Important details

Cash & Drive LUKOIL service stations do not accept PINS cards. You can learn more about LUKOIL service station chain here: www.viada.lv

In order to collect and spend PINS, please use the PINS loyalty card. Other discount/loyalty cards are not accepted when spending or collecting PINS.

Participants in the PINS program can spend PINS by paying 99% of the bill and 1% in cash or by credit card. In order to cover the entire sum of the product, there must be enough PINS in your account. PINS cannot be used for partial payment of a purchase.

For example, when purchasing gas for 20 euros, there has to be at least 3366 PINS (99%) in your account and the remaining 1% (0.20 euros) has to be paid in cash or by credit card.

Based on existing legislation, participants in the PINS program cannot spend PINS when purchasing tobacco products, shopping in commission stores, returning empty containers, and when paying for gift cards and services provided by third parties (vignettes, prepaid cards and recharge vouchers, insurance, etc.).

Users of PINS credit cards, please remember to also show the regular PINS card in order to collect and spend PINS in LUKOIL gas stations.